Saturday, November 17, 2007

How Close Are We? by Dave Hunt

I know this book was first published in 1993, but I have only just read it for the first time. I found Dave Hunt's writing, in How Close Are We, to be Biblical and insightful and relevant. In dealing--in detail--with the subject of the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ, He gave me much to chew on. As a student of Bible Prophecy and the author of "Redemption: Bible Prophecy Simplified," I appreciated his thorough and thoughtful treatment of the subject.

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GCF-CSF Blogger said...

I bought a copy of Dave Hunt's book "How Close Are We", and since 2005 till now I have read this book more than 7 times, back to back, and God has used this book to enlighten me about His plan for believers, and how we could steer people out of harm's way (false teachings).

God bless Pastor Dave Hunt.