Friday, April 30, 2010

Deceptive 'Rapture' Doctrine Dupes Millions.

Ridiculing those who believe and teach what he calls a "secret rapture," Steve Wohlberg issued a media release entitled "Deceptive 'Rapture' Doctrine Dupes Millions" In this release (and I suppose in the book he is promoting) he accuses Christians who believe the Bible teaches the doctrine of the rapture of being spiritually lazy. That accusation, which could not be further from the truth, has become a veritable mantra among the no rapture crowd. Belief in the rapture adds an urgency to the lives and message of Christ to those who "love His appearing." 

Destiny Image Publishers, who published Wohlberg's book, is a heretical publisher that promotes the false prophetic movement.  Some prophetic leaders overtly discourage serious Bible study calling the Bible an idol, and they hate the very thought of the rapture.

The Bible says that Jesus is coming for those who love His appearing. The no rapture crowd loves this present life, and teach that the return of Christ is retarded by the ungodly condition of the world and that they must help "usher in" His return by winning the world to Him first. It's safe to conclude they feel they have plenty of time, then, before Christ puts in an appearance. Where is the urgency in that? It is the no rapture doctrine, not belief in the rapture, that breeds complacency.

The no rapture crowd is  not looking for the return of Christ, they are looking for the rise of the anti-Christ. The Bible says we should be watching for Christ. The no rapture crowd accuses rapture believers of being escapists, not a problem, Jesus was an escapist. Jesus described the horrors of the Great Tribulation and said, "Pray that ye may escape..."

Don't be duped. Do not allow authors like Wohlberg and his ilk steal your faith in an event the Bible teaches will happen, and will take the world by surprise when it does. The Bible does teach a rapture and it won't be a secret! The whole world will know when it happens even if they do not acknowledge it.

The rapture and the second coming are not the same events. Read details at the following link:

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