Monday, June 26, 2017

Hosea 6:2: Third Day Prophecy to Israel

2: After [two] days will he revive us Yowm Sheliyshiy [Day Three] Genesis 1:5 he will raise us up and we shall live in his sight[1]

[1] God has a time-table for the Children of Israel that is separate from that of the Church (the Body of Christ). The Yowm [Day] Three prophecy, in Hosea chapter six, is for the Jews—not the Church. In the prophetic calendar, the Jewish, are currently in yowm two and still have much to do with end-time and Kingdom prophetic events. Yowm one for all humanity began at the same time, but yowm one for the Jews began when God called Abram to follow him. From Abraham and his wife Sarah [through the lineage of their son, Jacob—whose name was later changed to Israel], God created a special people for himself. Yowm one for the Children of Jacob [Israel], began with Abram and ended when they were banished from their land. For centuries, the Jewish people were scattered among all nations, a people without a country. But God promised that situation would not be permanent. Israel returned to their land in 1948. But yowm two, for Israel, will not end until Ezekiel’s vision of life being breathed into the dry bones is fulfilled. That will happen when they accept Yeshua as Messiah—and they will. The deliverer will come out of Sion, and shall turn ungodliness away from Jacob, and so all Israel will be saved, as it is written. Prophecies directed to “Jacob,” always refer to physical Israel, and not to spiritual Israel, which is the Church [the Body of Christ]. 

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