Friday, September 22, 2017

Can I be saved if I take the Mark of the Beast?

   It should come as no surprise to learn that Christian leaders who oppose the biblical teaching of the pre-tribulational harpazo (catching up/rapture), are also confused as to whether a person can take the Mark of the Beast and still be saved.
   Some are saying, "Yes!" It is OK to take the Mark of the Beast. It will not keep a person out of Heaven. 
   No names will be mentioned, but an internet search on the subject reveals who is teaching this. 
   Christians have been propagandized for years by anti-rapture teachers who mock them, who accuse them of being escapists. The Body of Christ has been told that holding to a pre-trib rapture is a cop-out [used only by lukewarm believers] that breeds complacency in soul-winning.
   There is no proof of such a claim. In fact, the evidence proves just the opposite. The biblical doctrine of a pre-tribulational rapture, has always incited believers to even greater fervency in soul-winning.
  But who is it we now see "comforting" their followers [who are terrified of enduring the Great Tribulation] with the lie that tribulation saints can escape persecution and death by denying Christ and taking the mark of allegiance to the Man of Sin? 
  Christians are being assured they can deny Christ, pledge allegiance to Satan, and still inherit eternal life. That is true complacency and escapist mentality.
  In fact, escapist mentality is scriptural--but the scriptural attitude does not lead to complacency. Jesus commanded his people to pray that they would be counted worthy to escape all the things that were coming on the earth (wrath and the Great Tribulation).
   Yes. Jesus actually used the word "escape." This is not true escapist mentality; It is simply obedience to Christ. But modern-day-clouds-without-water, oppose Jesus by telling Christians to do just the opposite. 
 They instruct believers to prepare themselves to endure the wrath to come, and ridicule them for obeying Christ in looking for that Blessed Hope--his appearing in the clouds to raise the dead and catch up the living. 
   Christians are mocked for scripturally praying that they would be found worthy to escape the awful time of trouble that is surely coming. While at the same time Christians are taught the Time of Jacob's Trouble is a trial they must prepare for and embrace, they are also assured that it is OK to escape persecution and martyrdom by taking the Mark of the Beast--which involves denying Christ and pledging allegiance to the Man of Sin as the most high God. 
   What a hypocritical contradiction!
   The Bible says, the Man of Sin will not be revealed until the Holy Spirit (whose dwelling place on this earth are the physical bodies of all believers) is taken out of the way. That will be at the rapture. 
   The Bible says, there will be a great shaking and falling away just prior to this event. People will fall in love with a great delusion, and those who love the lie will be given over to it. Those who loved the lie before the rapture, will also love the lie after the rapture. 
   They will take the Mark of the Beast and lose their souls.
   But Sisters and Brothers in Christ, do not despair. We have a Blessed Hope. Be comforted by these words; Jesus will descend from Heaven with a shout...just as the scriptures say. The dead in Christ will rise first.... Just as the scriptures say. Then, we who are alive and remain will be caught up with them to meet them in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 
   At the close of this Age of Grace [which began on the day of Pentecost], the Holy Spirit, who currently hinders the revelation of who the anti-Christ is, will leave this earth, taking every believer with him when he goes. 
   Only after that, will the Man of Sin be revealed and the Great Tribulation begin.

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